When people think of the Malawi Chair, they think of Africa. But they don’t just think of Africa, they DREAM of Africa. Where it all started. The cradle of humankind.

Malawi Cane is the world’s number one seller and exporter of natural Malawi Cane furniture.

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Our wholesale prices and professionalism ensure a loyal following throughout South Africa, Europe, Australia and the United States.

This is how it all started..

In 2012, my wife and I were looking for some patio furniture for our home in Camps Bay, Cape Town. We were amazed at the high prices charged for overly-durable outdoor furniture. We weren’t interested in a ‘lifetime warranty’ and just wanted something authentic and classic.


A few weeks later I met a Malawian man selling handmade cane furniture on the side of the road. The furniture was beautiful, original and very well priced. I expressed an interest in helping him bring in even more cane from Malawi. He liked the idea of it and we formed a partnership which saw the first version of this website. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here’s a pic of my wife enjoying our very first set of 100% genuine cane furniture at our home in Camps Bay, Cape Town.


All the furniture we sell is made by villagers in rural Malawi. Whilst a number of sustainable projects have been considered in order to uplift this gifted community, with a massive lack of electricity, we are currently focusing our efforts on a solar power solution.

Here are some pics from behind the scenes in Malawi – then on to the truck and exported around the globe.



Our local clients include a number of high-end game lodges and wine farms including Singita, Boschendal, Backsberg and Ken Forrester wine estates. 

Malawi Cane (malawicane.com) now sells and exports handmade Malawi furniture across South Africa and the globe. We send off an average of 3 containers a month. 

We are currently sourcing exclusive regional distributors to satisfy increased international demand. Please get in touch to discuss further info@malawicane.com